Name That Bird

This appears to be a Brown Thrasher. My extensive Wikipedia research indicates they can be difficult to spot, but this one seemed content enough to hang out on my fence, or my neighbor’s fence to be more precise since I never put one up. It’s a hazard of the camera that all manner of learning […]

The Eudora Project

I’m still in the process of setting up my Trailing Eudora site. It needs quite a bit more touch up work before I can say it is fully operational, in fact, but I have added a little bit of content to it. If you are interested in reading the posts I put together after my […]

Visitor #2

I had coffee on my patio this morning while I watched for my woodpecker friend to return. Instead, I got Mr. Cardinal. And his lady friend, of course.

Border Dispute

I don’t care how much you want to hang out in Patricia’s yard; you aren’t getting past this one. Not even if you’re as tough as this. So just back off, buddy. See scenes from this morning’s skirmish and other dog pictures on Flickr.