I was standing inside my kitchen when I took this picture. The bird was in the tree at the back of the yard. I could have really snapped a great shot if I’d been outside and standing a little closer, but I was afraid that I’d scare if off if I opened the door. Nevertheless, […]

Danger Alert: Baby Loves You

I was so busy taking pictures of the kids and the puppies that I didn’t even notice I was photographing a potential strangulation. I didn’t see how baby girl was holding poor little Captain until I copied the pictures over to the computer. I did notice that the next time she tried to pick him […]

Harbingers of Spring, Part 2

The Bradford Pears are in full bloom. This is a hybrid variety produced specifically for the purpose of not bearing fruit. I never particularly understood why someone set out to create a pear tree that didn’t make pears. But they certainly are beautiful this time of year. Can the dogwoods be far behind?