Month: January 2011

Self-Portrait with Fife #photoaday #project365

23 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Whistle. My first thought on the whistle photo was to do a tea kettle, but a lot of people in the group and doing tea kettles, and […]

Day 22:  Larry Legume

Day 22: Larry Legume, originally uploaded by Sharon Gerald. The photo prompt today was “Make a face with kitchen items.” This was the best I could do. Or it was at least the best I […]

Photo Extra:  The Snack of Champions

I posted my picture of the day for my 365 project earlier, but it didn’t fit today’s prompt from my Flickr group, so I had to do something else as well. The prompt is “Sticky.” […]

To Kill a Sunrise #photoaday #project365

21 of 365. I had this grand plan this morning. I was going to go to work extra early and knock a bunch of tasks out of the way before I went to cover another […]

On Ivy Street #photoaday #project365

20 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Things that start with I. Holga-ish effect applied on This is another building in Ellisville. They seem to be showing up as often as cats in […]

A Curtain of Books #photoaday #project365

19 of 365. Our Daily challenge prompt — low angle shot. Lomo-ish effect applied on

Life in the Shadows (or Accident in Sepia) #photoaday #project365

18 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Side View. This is the side of a building in Ellisville, Mississippi. It’s in sepia because I forgot that my camera was set to the picture mode […]

Hand Wash Cold by Karen Maezen Miller

3 of 52 in my 2011 book blogging challenge. If I’d known Hand Wash Cold was a book about a woman’s decision to become a Zen Buddhist priest and meditation teacher, I probably would have […]

A Touch of Mint #photoaday #project365

17 of 365. For the Our Daily Challenge prompt — topless without people. I, for one, was relieved that they added “without people” to the prompt. This was my first attempt at shooting in the […]

Lazy Afternoon #photoaday #project365

16 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Afternoon. This is a bit of a stretch to represent “afternoon,” but it is the primary thing that happens around here in the afternoons. On a dreary […]