Funtography Extra: Calico Dreams #photography

I’ve already posted my Day 3 photo for my 365 project. This is just a little extra. It was shot using the fisheye scene mode on the Canon Powershot SX210. The Lomo-ish effect was added on The scene is from downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Self-Portrait in the Depot Window #photoaday #365project

Day 3 of 365. Shot with a Canon Rebel T1i. Cropped and adjusted at This is at the train depot in Hattiesburg. My friend Leland, who is a real photographer as opposed to a pretend one like me, is standing next to me. I thought I might con him into giving me some free […]

On a Diet Deferred

I had big plans for this week.  This was going to be my time to go on my super-charged, vegan, raw foods, organic, locally grown, vegged out and vegged up diet extravaganza.  Turns out diet extravaganzas are expensive, though, and I am in a state of post-Christmas personal financial recession. I’ve come to the conclusion […]