On Ivy Street #photoaday #project365

Day 20: On Ivy Street

20 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Things that start with I. Holga-ish effect applied on Picnik.com.

This is another building in Ellisville. They seem to be showing up as often as cats in my daily photo project. That’s because I’m at least within a few blocks of my office through the primary daylight hours every day. I might take off walking, but I don’t go far.

I’ve been thinking that my Flickr group that provides these photo prompts was sort of like photography kindergarten. It’s more than just social sharing of images. It offers some gentle and very basic education as well. Today, however, when I saw that the prompt was “Things that start with I,” it occurred to me that kindergarten is probably more advanced that this. The kindergartners in my family covered all of their letters last year in preschool. I’m in photography preschool, and I’m very happy there. I’m not sure I want to move up next year.