To Kill a Sunrise #photoaday #project365

Day 21:  To Kill a Sunrise

21 of 365.

I had this grand plan this morning. I was going to go to work extra early and knock a bunch of tasks out of the way before I went to cover another instructor’s classes for the day. I got up. I got myself together. I left my house. But then there was this awesome sunrise, which I haven’t seen very many of in my lifetime.

I couldn’t help it. Instead of going straight at the first intersection like I usually do to head to work, I turned right and drove until I found a place to turn off the road and park. That just happened to be the Lincoln Plaza medical center. I pulled into the back of their empty parking lot, and snapped away at the beautiful morning.

I did get to work in time to go to the class I was covering. Some of the students came in late. If they had only known to say “but there was this awesome sunrise,” I would have totally understood.

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