Photo Extra: The Snack of Champions

The Snack of Champions

I posted my picture of the day for my 365 project earlier, but it didn’t fit today’s prompt from my Flickr group, so I had to do something else as well.

The prompt is “Sticky.” What I have here is a Triscuit with cream cheese and pepper jelly. It’s pretty sticky, especially since I went heavy on the jelly.

These prompts really are a challenge. I get a new prompt each morning for a photo to take that day. I have no idea ahead of time what it will be, and I’ve been trying to stick to the spirit of the group and finish each prompt on the day it is posted.

Sticky didn’t sound too difficult to me today, but the problem is I want to do something no one else has done. Today I thought of sticky notes first. That would have been easy. I have tons of them in my office. But by the time I did my job for a few hours and checked to see what other people had posted, the group pool was full of photos of sticky notes.

I thought of glue. There were pictures of that.

I thought of syrup. There were pictures of that.

I thought of jelly hand prints on a glass door, but I wasn’t willing to put my hands in jelly, and I’m always afraid to ask to borrow a child on a Friday night. There’s no telling when their parents will take them back if you pick them up on Friday after work.

So I went with a variation of jelly I didn’t think anyone else would do — pepper jelly on a cracker. It might not be terribly original, but I haven’t seen another one like it in the pool yet (jelly-covered fingers crossed).

To Kill a Sunrise #photoaday #project365

Day 21:  To Kill a Sunrise

21 of 365.

I had this grand plan this morning. I was going to go to work extra early and knock a bunch of tasks out of the way before I went to cover another instructor’s classes for the day. I got up. I got myself together. I left my house. But then there was this awesome sunrise, which I haven’t seen very many of in my lifetime.

I couldn’t help it. Instead of going straight at the first intersection like I usually do to head to work, I turned right and drove until I found a place to turn off the road and park. That just happened to be the Lincoln Plaza medical center. I pulled into the back of their empty parking lot, and snapped away at the beautiful morning.

I did get to work in time to go to the class I was covering. Some of the students came in late. If they had only known to say “but there was this awesome sunrise,” I would have totally understood.