Life in the Shadows (or Accident in Sepia) #photoaday #project365

Day 18: Life in the Shadows

18 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Side View.

This is the side of a building in Ellisville, Mississippi. It’s in sepia because I forgot that my camera was set to the picture mode monochrome with a sepia filter effect. I just picked it up and snapped, and this is what I got. The building is red. Because of the harsh light hitting it this afternoon, though, it looks better in sepia.

Today was uninspired. I worked. I walked downtown at the worst time of day to try to find something I could take a picture of from the side. I worked some more. I came home and sat staring at nothing, which is why I didn’t have time to put any extra effort into my photo a day project. I was busy staring at nothing.

I did find out after I came home, though, that the Bank of Ellisville was robbed at gun point today. I was about a block away from the bank when I took this picture. I didn’t see anything. I don’t have anyone who looks like a bank robber in my photographs. Too bad. If I’d snapped a shot of a bank robbery, that might have put a little inspiration in my day.

That said, I’m glad no one was hurt in the robbery, and I wish for calm nerves and a peaceful night’s sleep to the bank employees.

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