Month: October 2010

Things Just Keep Falling Apart

I love the book Things Fall Apart. I hope my students at least learn to appreciate it since I keep making them read it. If you haven’t read it, you should. Good stuff there. But […]

Contentment Diary: 10/12/2010

Woe is me, I thought when I sat down and asked myself what I wanted to write about on my blog today. But how to label that, I wondered, and of course the only real […]

And a Wii we go (The Diet, Day 78)

My fitness plan has been somewhat challenged the past couple of weeks. This is code for I haven’t been exercising enough or even close to enough. I blame it on a faulty pedometer. For several […]

Mississippi in My Rearview Mirror
Caroline Herring

I saw Caroline Herring perform last night. I’d heard her before, but she was on stage with three other people the first time, one of whom was Mary Chapin Carpenter. I knew I liked her. […]

Yoga for Body and Spirit

Today I drove by a church with a sign out front that said, “God responds to prayer not problems.” I thought, “What a horrible thing to say.” I’m all for the idea that God responds […]

The Future of the Book

Often, I post links to articles on Facebook, not because I’ve read them, but because I want to read them. I put them there to remind myself to go back to read them later when […]

The Daily Rant

Today I stood in the service department of a Toyota dealership and listened to someone say, “I’m not sure we have anyone here right now who can work on a Toyota.” I ended up in […]

Go Akbar

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, here’s a video about the movement to make Admiral Akbar the new Ole Miss mascot. Understand, I went to the university on the other end of […]

After 10 Weeks (The Diet, Day 71)

After 10 weeks of dieting, I’ve lost 17 pounds. Despite all of my wringing of hands and grinding of teeth over whether The Dreaded Diet was working or not, I think that does qualify me […]