And a Wii we go (The Diet, Day 78)

My fitness plan has been somewhat challenged the past couple of weeks. This is code for I haven’t been exercising enough or even close to enough. I blame it on a faulty pedometer.

For several weeks I attempted to do 10,000 steps a day. I wore a pedometer all day and kept track of every little step. But then a couple of things happened. The pedometer started wigging out and showing all sorts of crazy readings that couldn’t possibly have been true, and I started having trouble with back pain. I quit wearing the pedometer. I meant to buy a new one, but I just kept putting it off. Who knew the silly little pedometer was actually the thing reminding me to walk more?

As for the back pain, this is from sitting at a desk all day with bad posture and poor ergonomics. I don’t have much control over the ergonomics, but I should work on the posture. I just never think of that until the back already hurts, and we all know it’s too late then.

Nonetheless, I’m working on some new resolve.

For one, I’m not convinced that fitness can thrive on walking alone. Walking is great for general health and such, but in trying so hard to work in as many steps as possible in a day, I neglected other types of exercise. I wasn’t stretching. I wasn’t doing anything for upper body. Either of those might have helped head off the back pain before it became a major issue.

Live and learn.

I walked some today, but nowhere close to 10,000 steps. I did a few stretches, though, and I did about 30 minutes of Wii tennis. Maybe that barely even registers as exercise in some people’s worlds, but you gotta start somewhere. My body thanks me for not trying to start on my new resolve at a pilates class. My body and I, we know our limits.

I did lose a couple of pounds this week on The Dreaded Diet, but since I wasn’t exercising as much, I fear they were muscle pounds that don’t really count. I’m going to work on getting them back while I lose some other pounds instead in the coming week.

This is why I hate New Year’s resolutions. I can’t figure out who the people are who can get by with just one resolution a year. I have to come up a new resolution every thirty minutes or so just to get through a typical day. Tell me you’re the same. We can be such good friends if you tell me you’re the same.

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