February 22, 2024

Often, I post links to articles on Facebook, not because I’ve read them, but because I want to read them. I put them there to remind myself to go back to read them later when I have time. Fairly often I forget to ever go back to them, or enough people comment on them before I get around to reading that I almost feel as if I have read and formed my own opinion.

I made an exception for an article on “Enhanced ebooks” today and actually did read it after posting.

I even followed up by going into the iPad app store and looking up one of the books mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, I am on a financial diet this month due to a couple of extra and pesky little bills. $12.99 might not seem like much, but every dollar counts when you’re on a diet.

Instead of purchasing it, I did the next best thing and looked it up the “book trailer” on YouTube.

There, don’t you too feel you’ve practically read the book by now?

I’m excited to see people actually trying to make the book something new rather than just delivering the same kind of book on a new device. Wake me up when textbooks start looking like this. That’s sort of what I keep hoping I’ll see every time I review a new way to go about ebooks for college. Textbooks are just different. They don’t look like this yet, nor do the vast majority of the ebooks being sold right now to the voluntary book worms.

But they will. This is just the start. In a year or two everything will be new again.

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