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Clean Up the Air in Your House

Interesting. You need 6-8 healthy, waist high plants in your house per person to keep the air clean and healthy? I suppose those plants should all be currently alive. I’m going to have to get […]

The Haphazard Environmentalist

I went to the Farmer’s Market this morning as part of my quest to purchase more local foods. It’s hard to remember to shop there, because it isn’t open every day. I’ve been determined make […]

What are You Willing to Do?

I am one person air conditioning 1400 square feet of space for just one person, a couple of cats, and a couple of plants. I drive about 50 miles a day just going to work […]


You know I’m getting a little carried away with the whole gardening thing when I start pricing compost bins. They’re outrageous, by the way. Some cost as much as $200. Maybe that sounds normal to […]

The Nissan Leaf

If I had an extra 30k sitting around, I’d be tempted to order a Nissan Leaf. I’d be tempted to do other things with it as well, but the Leaf would at least make the […]

Victory Gardens

Did you know there was a campaign during World War II to plant gardens for the sake of reducing the costs of transporting food and thereby for the sake of contributing to the war effort? […]

Turn That Thermostat Up

I’ve been keeping my thermostat on 75. I’m comfortable at 75. It’s where I like it. I tried turning it up to 80 one day when I was feeling particularly fervent about energy savings, and […]

Vampire Appliances

I’m going to call the vampire living in my house Erik. I suspect he’s an old and strong vampire. I have lots of gadgets, and I have a real history of not paying attention to […]

Saving Our Place

Here’s my column that appeared yesterday in the Hattiesburg American. I was nervous about this one. I thought people would leave rude comments on it. I usually write about things that aren’t in the least […]

Going Green

Last week I got a note from the energy police that I’d left my computer monitor on in my office. I was praised for turning the computer itself off. I even got a piece of […]