February 22, 2024

Today I’m facing up to the to do list I’ve done my best to ignore all week. I hardly have time to blog at all. I’m trying to write a book today. Or at least the chapter that I owe to a book.

I certainly don’t have time to think about spring things for at least another six weeks, and by that time it will be summer. I will say, however, that I am anxiously following Patti’s story of her raised garden beds due to the fact that I have just purchased a garden bed kit from Sam’s. I don’t have any power tools for building my own, and I am not in the least bit interested in sweating for my supper, but I am interested in fresh vegetables and herbs.

I have to admit to some concern over planting food in a substance that claims it “will not rot,” but this is what I have, and I suppose I will give it a try. I read somewhere that raised garden beds should be built out of cedar because it will last the longest of any untreated wood without leeching chemicals into your soil. I’d be scared to think what kind of chemicals might leech out of the $30 compost board from Sam’s.

My alternative is to learn to use power tools, so I’m taking my chances on the chemicals. I’m also waiting for the next part of Patti’s story. I want to know where she bought her dirt. I don’t think the clay in my yard is going to grow much more than weeds.

Look for the next part of my gardening story in about July when I finally drag the kit out of the trunk of my car.

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