RIP Blueberry Bush

I planted four blueberry bushes earlier in the year with the idea of casualties in mind. Four fully grown bushes producing at maximum capacity would wear out me and all of the birds currently sharing my food supply too. That is if they ever grow up big. I lacked confidence that they might while in my care.

I was right to be concerned. The first casualty has fallen victim to the lawn mower. The last time my yard was mowed (and no, of course I don’t do it myself) a blueberry bush was run over and severely injured.

I went out there and told it how sorry I was. I pulled grass away from it and gave it extra water. I put a stake up next to it so that anyone on a lawnmower would know to go around it.

Today, the lawnmower went around the bush, but the weed eater did not. It no longer looked like a blueberry bush, you see. It just looked like a sick little stick with a few pitiful leaves.

Maybe this is for the best. Maybe it was suffering.

But I will miss it so.

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