The iPad, Day 2

Today I wrote a column about the downside of excess gadgetry. I sent it off and left for the office carrying a bag that contained an iPad, an HP net book, an iPhone, and an iPod. I’m just the preacher here, not the practicer.

I haven’t spent that much time with the iPad. I’ve been trying not to go online any more than I have to. I really do need at least a partial technological sabbatical. It’s a matter of personal sanity.

Somehow, though, in the day of not playing with the iPad, I’ve filled up nearly a whole page with new apps, and I’ve acquired several books in both the iBook and Kindle formats.

I’m typing this in the WordPress iPad app, which works like a charm. The biggest problem I’ve had typing on the ipad so far has been in convincing the cats not to get in the way.

The only real conclusion I’ve come too, though, is that I prefer the Kindle books to the iBook books for those that are just plain text. Books with pretty pictures are probably another matter.

I’ve also changed the background on the Kindle reader to sepia because the bright white seemed to irritate the eyes after a while.

Currently, I am reading a Bill Bryson book, the title of which I forget. Something about the history of everything. My friend Tammy suggested it, and I downloaded it on the spot. She said it brought things down to where even the goats could get it. It does seem to make complicated science funny, interesting, and understandable.

And at this point I can tell you the difference in typing a blog post on the computer and typing it on the iPad (aside from the smaller keyboard). I have no idea how to add any formatting to this post. What you see is what you get. Ah, well.

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