iPads and iDeals

I have an iPad. I have one in my possession at any rate. Technically it belongs to the school, but it has just been synched with my iTunes account, and I’ve just purchased some stuff for it in the app store. I’ve had it for a couple of hours now, and already the line between what is mine and what is theirs is blurring.

I am typing this post from my iPad. I don’t know yet what role I think this will play in the future of education, but it sure is fun to consider the possibilities.

I was in the right place at the right time today to learn that the iPads had arrived. I believe I was the third person at the school to get my hands on one today, though I may have been as low on the list as fifth. And whatever he says don’t believe I took mine days ahead of other people on the iPad team because I staged a sit-in at John Carter’s feet. It was more like his elbow, and it was a minor sit-in only.

A few paragraphs in now…it’s my pleasure to report that typing on the touch screen keyboard is not really awkward at all. I still think I will keep this short so that I can devote my time to downloading apps,though. Anyone have a favorite app to suggest?

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