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Funtography and Other Guilty Goals

I’ve had this idea that I should upgrade my phone for no reason other than the better camera. I have the now ancient iPhone 3G. If Apple follows its normal pattern and releases a new […]

Possible Sharon

I went to a meeting today. Yes, a meeting on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, on the day after a big family wedding, and right in the middle of my biggest grading crunch of the semester. […]

Accidental Motivation

Nearly all of my motivation comes at me sideways rather than head on. I’m not a bull-by-the-horns girl. I’m a let’s-see-if-we-can-create-the-conditions-necessary-for-inspiration girl. I don’t even believe in inspiration per se. I do believe diving into […]

Ted Talk:  Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work

Interesting. I’m not so sure about his idea of Silent Thursdays. I work at a school. Silent days would be impossible there. I don’t know how they would work at a corporation either. It seems […]

When Harry Meets Homer

This is my handout for the conference I’m going to this week. It’s something of a “rough draft” at this point in that if I had another week it would become something very different, but […]

Maybe it is a little about the clothes

I seem to have fallen into the habit of starting blog posts with disclaimers, so let me just say this first off. Before anyone forwards this to the president of my college, I want to […]

The Blog as Collage

Dinty Moore posted this quote from John Edgar Wideman: “All non-fiction moves in the direction of collage.” That made me think of the collage essay assignment I saw once from John Walter. It also made […]

The Dual Duel

I ran across this article about dual enrollment students via Inside Higher Ed. This is a hot topic in college circles these days, it seems. It also seems to be one of those areas in […]

What we talk about when we talk about success

There’s a federal committee considering changes to the way two-year colleges are measured for funding. No doubt anyone would be as elated as I am to hear that the future is in the hands of […]

Talking to Myself on a Rainy Morning

Me: My head hurts and my back hurts and my eyes are itchy and runny and it is raining outside. I don’t want to go to work today. Me: You’ve gotta go to work. Me: […]