December 1, 2023

I started my “Just One Thing” program this week in which I vow to do just one thing a day toward getting rid of stuff I don’t need for basically as long as it takes to pare my house down to either the bare necessities or what strikes me as livable chaos.  I’ve decided I’m going to blog regular updates on my activities so as to make myself a little more accountable.  It seems to me that I’m much more likely to shame myself into seeing it through if I tell everyone I know I’m doing it.

So here goes…

Yesterday, I did, as promised, take a load of clothes to the thrift store.  My intention for today was to take some cardboard boxes to recycling.  That didn’t happen because a guy who had done some work on my house said he wanted to come by to finish the job.  I needed to be home for that.  I waited around for him, and by the time he left it probably wasn’t yet 2:00.  Of course I could have still made the run to recycle.  I had just forgotten all about it by then.  I’m easily distracted.

When I realized later this evening that I never had done my one thing for the day, I made myself clean out a junk drawer.  I almost saved myself some effort and dumped everything out of the drawer wholesale, but I went through it piece by piece.  It’s a good thing too.  The title to my car and the deed to my house were in it.  Maybe I need a new filing system.  Maybe I need a system period.

I’d like to say I’ll do the recycling tomorrow, but I won’t.  Tomorrow is my first day back at work.  If I have any energy left at all by the time I get home, maybe I’ll use it to throw some old magazines away.  If not, maybe I could at least empty the trash on my computer.  Does that count?

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