Project Minimize #reverb10

From Project Minimize

Yesterday’s Reverb 10 prompt has inspired me to manifest for myself Project Minimize. The DVDs represent my start. It hit me that there is no need for DVDs in the age of Netflix streaming, and this was the easiest place to begin putting my house on a weight loss plan.

I’ve culled half my collection. I guess I’m not totally sold on minimalism, and I’m not ready to get rid of DVDs I actually like to watch, but this is a start.

I wish I’d been more artsy about the photo and stuck more interesting movies on top, but these are the ones going to the junk shop first. Unless, of course, you know my phone number and you want them for yourself. Speak up fast. You probably only have six months before I manage to clean them out of my garage.

The next step for Project Minimize I think will be to get rid of half my shoes. Wish me luck.

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