Responsible Adult Act of the Day #reverb10

A couple of days ago, I said that one thing I want to accomplish in the coming year is to trim excess bills (#7 on my list). Today I went to the Comcast office and chose a cheaper cable package, trimming about $40 off my monthly bill. I probably should have canceled it altogether, but I’m not that good or brave yet. I need to work on myself a little more first.

Now if I can only find a few more places to trim out $40 a month I might be able to make up the difference in my increased insurance costs. Regardless, I feel about as responsible as I’m capable of being today. The next step will have to wait for tomorrow. Meanwhile, maybe I’ll drag out a bank statement and comb through it looking for bills to cut. Would that count as a responsible adult act in and of itself, or would it just be a pre-responsibility planning activity? I have to pace myself on this. If I overdo it, there’s no telling when I might get back to it.

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