Month: April 2010

April is Still the Cruelest Month

Honestly, I should have taken a break from the blog for the month of April. I should have at least cut back. Clearly I haven’t had much of anything interesting to say. I seem to […]

Forever is a Fickle Thing

A few days ago I quit all my extra projects forever…except the blog and the journal prompts and the books projects and the summer workshops I’m putting together. Not that kind of stuff. All the […]

Night at the Theater

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Let the Mystery Be

This song came up in conversation this week. A friend said it summed up his life. I can only aspire to that level of zen-like acceptance. I tend to kick the mysteries around a little […]

The Teacher

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Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon

I got to spend some time with Kate Campbell this week, and a fine time it was. When she talked about Eudora Welty at JCJC, she said that she loves Eudora’s writing because Eudora writes […]

The Monster at the End of the Week

I’m worn out. Perhaps I should start there. I’m exhausted. We’ve had a literary event every day this week at Jones, and I’ve basically coordinated the whole week. I think this is called going the […]

Almost Again

This is another one of those days when I feel I need to make an appointment with myself to breathe. If you’ve got something you need from me I can only wish you luck. That […]

Almost the Day

This was almost the day I broke my blogging streak. I think this is Day 104 of continuous blogging. I had gone to bed already when I jerked myself awake with the thought that I […]

Why I Want an iPad

or The Future of the Book…