April is Still the Cruelest Month

Honestly, I should have taken a break from the blog for the month of April. I should have at least cut back. Clearly I haven’t had much of anything interesting to say. I seem to recall a lot of posts about how busy I am and how hard it is to keep doing a blog a day. Welcome to another post like that.

Only the stubborn of it keeps me going at this point. I keep thinking May will be here soon, and I’ll have time to think and write again. I keep telling myself I’ll be unhappy if May arrives, and I want to blog again, but I’ve broken my streak and have to start all over.

Worse things have happened in this life. A break would be for the best, but it looks like I’m unwilling to take one.

That’s the problem with mule-headedness.

Sometimes I think I learned to be this stubborn in PhD school, which is actually an endurance test more than an intelligence test. I got a PhD merely because once I started on it I was unwilling to let anyone be enough of a jerk to drive me away. And by the way, OSU professors, please don’t call my mother to complain that I said that. I don’t mean all of you obviously when I say that. Probably not you specifically at all. Not really.

Regardless, every time I blame my unwillingness to quit, even when all evidence points to the fact that I should, on the conditioning of PhD school, I end up in a battle of wills with a two-year-old and start to think maybe there is a genetic factor as well. I’m not the only person in my family capable of being this crazy.

And to my nieces who are much more likely to call my mother than my old professors, I don’t mean your children. Obviously.

And here you have one more act of fatigue-driven meta-blogging. Thank goodness that’s over for today.

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