Got Adventure?

I admit it. I’ve been in my own little world lately…like for the past 40 years or so but more than usual this week. I’ve been busy. I’ve been blocking out things I didn’t have to deal with so as to make more room in my life for coping with things I did have to deal with. It was just that kind of week.

So now that it is Friday, and I can breathe a little more freely, I’ve been catching up on the news. Of course, I’m not prepared to pay that much attention to the world around me. I skipped the depressing stories and went straight to important info. Did you know J.K. Rowling has been talking to Oprah? She made the shocking statement that she might write some more Harry Potter books. She also said, “Ha ha. Just kidding. Might not either. Just call me Just Kidding Rowling.” Well, anyway, that’s what she meant.

The other tidbit that caught my attention is that National Geographic named Hattiesburg an “Adventure Town.”

That’s interesting. After spending nearly 20 years of my life in Hattiesburg, I’m sure I would have named it as one of the top 100 adventure towns too. Sure I would have.

Remind me again, though….where’s the adventure?

Ha ha. Just kidding.


Way to go, Burg.

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