Not Necessarily the News

As I now have the opportunity to come out of my grading coma a little, I’ve attempted to catch up a little on what’s going on the world today. Mistake, mistake, mistake. At least, the way I went about it was a mistake. I tried to watch some news on TV. Why do I continue to expect the news to inform me in some way, only to be disappointed time and time again?

I don’t care much for infotainment, weak on info. That’s my complaint of the day. Otherwise I’ve been resting up from the past few weeks of job-related stress. It’s been a blustery day. I think that’s an appropriate word for rain with steady Gulf winds high enough to knock some patio chairs around but not high enough to do any real damage.

It’s been blustery, and the news has been watery and disappointing despite that fact that I did mange to find out that Gene Taylor took a plane ride over the Gulf and thinks it looks like chocolate milk. I think that was supposed to comfort us somehow.

The cats and I, though, are just hanging out, taking a day off from making any particular effort whatsoever. Not much to report here.

Though as a little bonus, I will leave you with this clip from Winnie the Pooh’s “Blustery Day.” It’s more entertaining than the news.

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