Moment (Reverb 10, Day 3)

Today’s prompt from asks me to write about a moment from this past year during which I felt most alive. I’m going to say it was the day I took this picture. My family was gathered together for the “August Birthday Party,” which is for my dad, two of my brothers, one of my […]

Day 2, Take 2 (Reverb 10)

My previous entry was 462 words. That fact is of interest to me because at the same time I am attempting the Reverb 10 challenge, I am also attempting the challenge. I like to multitask. In this case, double-duty is no doubt ill advised, designed to accomplish nothing more than drive me crazy. That […]

Writing (Reverb 10, Day 2)

Today’s prompt from What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? My best answer to what I do each day that doesn’t contribute to my writing is to write. I write comments on student essays. I write emails. I write discussion board replies. I […]

One Word (Reverb 10, Day 1)

I signed up for Reverb 10 today. The idea is to write a daily reflection through the month of December. It’s sort of a written conclusion to the year, wrapping up the old, looking ahead to the new. Quite possibly I should have finished my grading before I signed up for this, but the challenge […]