Day 2, Take 2 (Reverb 10)

My previous entry was 462 words. That fact is of interest to me because at the same time I am attempting the Reverb 10 challenge, I am also attempting the challenge. I like to multitask. In this case, double-duty is no doubt ill advised, designed to accomplish nothing more than drive me crazy. That never really stopped me before, though. I see no reason why it would now.

So the question of the day is “What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?”

My first answer was “write.” My second answer is “rush.”

I’m always in a hurry when I write these days. Note my previous confession that I normally write as the last thing I do before I go to bed. I’m tired. I’m yawning. I’m worried about the alarm going off too early the next morning. I’m ready to crash.

As a result, I just toss something out there without lingering over it. If you are a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed I don’t take the time to proofread. Sometimes I wake up in the night picturing my own errors, in which case I do come back and fix them. I don’t come back looking for them, though.

I don’t much care. Errors are just surface issues. I care more about the writing itself, and of course I would turn a finer phrase or two if I took more time. I’d like to believe I would at any rate.

So “rush” is my second issue, which is basically just another way of stating my first issue of “write.” I don’t have time to write because I write too much for my job; therefore, I rush.

But you know what? I still write. I’ve made writing a priority despite every obstacle. Of that I am proud.

If I continue to make it a priority, in 29 days I will have put in one full year without missing a single day of posting at least something to the blog. If I can do that, maybe it doesn’t matter if I meet every single other goal I set. Maybe it doesn’t matter if I rush a little too often. I rush, but I write, and that’s okay.

Maybe it doesn’t even matter if I finish out my 750 words.

This post plus the other one, by the way, add up to 867 words. Cheers.

Writing (Reverb 10, Day 2)

Today’s prompt from What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

My best answer to what I do each day that doesn’t contribute to my writing is to write. I write comments on student essays. I write emails. I write discussion board replies. I write, write, write in ways that I don’t think of as writing. That kind of stuff I would label as functioning, not creating.

I do a job, in other words. My job consumes all of my time. There is nothing I can do about that. I have no back up plan, no alternative, to doing a job.

My only alternative is to make better use of limited time. I am already putting all of the time I have into writing each day, but I’m doing it all for the blog. I want to focus more on poetry, and/or I want to focus more on writing “meaningful” pieces for the blog. I think I give the blog a lot of toss-aways. I want to do better. Maybe that means I need a plan for what I will write about. Maybe spending this month writing to prompts will help me formulate a plan.

I also think I’d like to do more of my writing earlier in the day. I usually write in the evenings, often as the last thing I do before I go to bed. By that time I’m tired and mentally drained. My prime thinking time is in the morning, and I’m mostly spending my mornings taking care of mechanical procedures that don’t necessarily require much thought on my part.

Once school is out for the break, I hope to devote some morning time to working on poetry. It would be nice to think I could write poetry every morning, but I just don’t live in a world that operates that way. School breaks and Saturdays are my only hope.

My other goal is to combine activities so that more of what I’m already doing more directly contributes to my writing. Reading contributes. Photography contributes. Most everything I do leads to writing in one fashion or another. However, I could do more to make it all work together. I could read more to write and write more about what I’m reading. I could seek out more photographs for use as writing prompts.

More photo excursions of a writerly bent definitely tops my list of goals for 2011.

More camera. More poetry. More off-blog focused writing. More focused blog writing. This is where I hope I’m headed for 2011. And all of that on the same 20 minutes a day I’ve been putting into the blog all along.

I must really be good if I can set all of those goals based on so little reality. Somebody save me from myself.