Photo Extras: Uncertain Shelf Life and Synchronized Swimming #photography

The prompt for Our Daily Challenge (Flickr group) is bubbles today.

I submitted “Uncertain Shelf Life.”

Uncertain Shelf Life

I blew bubbles onto my kitchen table to photograph them. This became a real challenge when the cat decided to help.

I picked that shot because I thought it was funny. If I hadn’t submitted it, I would have chosen this one–“Synchronized Swimming.”

Synchronized Swimming

For that one I blew bubbles into a glass bowl full of water.

My second choice might be a better photograph, but I picked the other one because I don’t think anyone can resist on interfering cat.

Funtography Extra: Self-Portrait at the Kitchen Table #photography

Self-Portrait at the Kitchen Table

This was shot in response to a photo prompt from the Flickr group Our Daily Challenge. The prompt today is “a writing or drawing instrument.”

I shot this in monochrome. There was no post-camera processing.

I learned one thing from attempting to take a picture of my own hand. If I want to use the camera on myself, I need to shut the cats in another room first. More than half the pictures I took were of paws or whiskers instead of pens. This was evidently a very curious activity I engaged in.