Hello, Mother

I’m feeling better today. I took some vitamins, and I drank plenty of fluids, and I remembered to eat three meals, and I didn’t overdo it at work.

I’m tired now, though, so I’m going to bed without calling you back even though I know you will have these things to ask me. It was a long day. I stayed a little later at the office trying to make up for not being there yesterday. It hardly seems worth taking a day off at all now except that I do feel better, so maybe that was just what I needed to do.

I hope you are well. I hope everyone else is too. I’m sorry I missed your call. It would have been nice to hear what the little boys have done this week, and by little boys I do mean my older brothers.

If I don’t catch you any sooner, I’m sure I’ll talk to you or maybe see you this weekend.

And…oh, yeah…as far as I know I didn’t get in any trouble at school today.

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