On the natural laws of family dinners (The Diet, Day 14)

I’ve had a weekend of not counting calories, mainly because I had no clue where to start.  I went to a family gathering, and I don’t actually know what was in everything I ate.

I do know, though, that there is some sort of natural law governing family potlucks that basically states that the harder you are trying to diet, the more impossible it will become to find foods that fit your diet.  This particular dinner had a salad theme.  Don’t let that fool you.  Do you know how many different varieties of high carb, high fat, high calorie salads there are in this world?  Or at least in Mississippi?

At any rate, there are times when intentions and life go toe to toe, and you have to let life win.

I had a great day and enjoyed the time with all of my family and all of their pasta salads.

I’m not too worried about The Diet.  “Chasing children” is not listed as an exercise on the online diet log I’ve been using, but it ought to be.  You need a little extra macaroni to get through a day in which seven children all under the age of ten have gone native on you.

Besides, the family dinner is nothing.  You can be rude to your family to meet your own needs, and chances are they won’t even notice.  Tomorrow I have to go out into that thing people always refer to as “the real world” which is also sometimes known as a job.  This is where we get to find out if there’s any tude to my moral fortitude after all.

Wish me luck.