Make the Mountain Come to You (The Diet, Day 35)

There’s probably no taste I love more than the combination of coffee, chocolate, sugar, and milk. Hot or cold, lattes or mochachinos, with or without whipped cream on top, I have been a number one fan of the sweet chocolate Starbucks scam to rid me of my money.

I didn’t specifically look it up, but something tells me the South Beach Diet frowns on mocha lattes. It actually recommends that you cut out coffee altogether or only drink decaf. I figured this cutting out coffee thing was a matter to be looked at in relative terms. You’ve been drinking a cup of coffee a day? Well, try to quit for this diet. You’ve been drinking a pot of coffee a day? Then let’s just try to get that down to two or three cups.

I cut down to one cup of coffee first thing in the morning. And one more at work. And…um…I really did try to stop there.

But I kept thinking about mocha lattes, and then I started making these protein shakes for my breakfast, and then I got this idea.

It goes like this.

Blend one cup of milk, one cup of coffee, one scoop of sugar free protein powder, one spoon of cocoa, and one spoon of Splenda.

I probably won’t take any business away from Starbucks, but I enjoyed it, and after drinking that for breakfast, I didn’t feel hungry again until lunch time.

And so I forge ahead with South Beach by learning how to make the diet fit my food preferences rather than the other way around. It’s a small victory, but I’ll take them where I can get them.

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