My Mammaw Said There'd Be Days Like This (The Diet, Day 32)

I had to make this taco salad for my supper today. I almost called it dinner, but I have to say supper so people in the South won’t get confused about whether I mean the noon meal or the evening meal.

From South Beach Diet Pics

I had to make it because it has spinach and avocado in it, and those are two foods that my phone Google told me were rich in potassium. I believed I needed potassium.

Maybe Patricia of Next Door put the idea in my head when she had a muscle cramp in her leg yesterday, but today I had one. Tammy of the Workplace and I went to the mall to walk on the air conditioned trails after work. Along the way my leg started cramping.

This could be for any of a number of reasons. I was wearing sandals because I forgot to take any tennis shoes. I may have been trying a little too hard this week to work in my 10,000 steps per day. It was a hot day, and maybe I just didn’t drink enough water even though I thought I did.

But I didn’t diagnose myself with any of that. My mammaw told me when I was a little girl that leg cramps were a sign of a potassium deficiency. She said the cure for that was a homemade banana milkshake.

I didn’t have anyone’s mammaw around to make me a milkshake today, unless you count T, who probably wouldn’t appreciate being called Mammaw by me. I’m also not supposed to eat bananas on Phase 1 of South Beach. I’m not entirely sure I’m supposed to eat avocados, but I don’t know for a fact that I’m not, so that’s why I had to make this taco salad.

The taco part is a crumbled up veggie burger. The peppers are from my backyard. I’m guessing that means this meal was about 5% locally grown.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll do better on that part next time.

And, by the way, my leg does feel better now. Sometimes mammaws just know.

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