A Miracle in the Making?

My friend and neighbor Patricia met me at my dead blueberry bush this morning (the latest casualty in the weed eater wars), and we stood there feeling sad together.  She asked if there was any hope at all, and I stooped down to show her the dry dead sticks poking up from the ground.  That's when I noticed one small scrap of life.  A tiny sprig remains where only days ago there was a small bush.

Patricia and I gave it some Miracle Grow and put some pine straw padding around it.  I don't know if there is any hope for it or not, but I will at least try to save it.

If only the blueberry had the tenacity of this mint.

The mint is a remnant of an old abandoned herb bed.  For years, the lawn mower has been cutting it down with the grass.  When I decided I wanted to plant tomatoes there this year, I pulled it all up by the roots.  I shoveled out the spot.  I turned the dirt over repeatedly.  I put a raised bed over it and filled in with about eight inches of new dirt. I planted my tomatoes.

There is mint growing under my tomato plants.  It just won't give up.

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