May 23, 2024

Today marks the end of my fifth month of daily blogging. I haven’t missed a day in five months, but I figure I’ve accumulated about five good days of blogging in that time…

I have mixed feelings about daily blogging. Forcing yourself to write and write publicly even through times of stress, overwork, physical exhaustion, and so forth does not necessarily produce the best of writing. In fact, it produces pretty miserable stuff at times.

On the other hand, daily blogging does have an odd way of managing your life, of keeping you going with ideas that may have otherwise been a little more transitory. I’ve taken a lot of pictures, planted a garden, and done a lot of research on energy conservation because of the blog. I’ve learned new things about my family. I’ve spent more time talking to neighbors (because I was outside taking pictures for my blog).

Here’s to five months and more. If I don’t quit by tomorrow, I’ll be off to a running start on month six.

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