May 23, 2024

I said I was going to blog my way through Michael Pollan’s Food Rules this summer, and so far I have only written about Rule #1: “Eat food.” This is because I haven’t mastered Rule 1 yet. I figure I should have some success with the first step before taking the second.

Eat food, he says, not processed substances. I thought that sounded like a fine idea. I gave myself one task. Quit Diet Cokes. I failed.

I did give them up for about four days. I was at home mostly during those days. I had a pitcher of tea in the refrigerator. I was fine. I didn’t miss the Diet Cokes at all.

Then I had to leave town for a meeting where I got thirsty on the drive and thirsty in the meeting. I caved to the call of the Diet Coke. Of course I did.

I thought I might easily get back on track to drink tea instead when I came home, but I’ve barely been home, and when I did come home it was to stressful circumstances. Circumstances happen. They aren’t really an excuse. If I’ve made promises, even to no one in particular, I ought to keep them regardless.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’ve decided not to bother beating myself up with that lousy line of logic. If I consider the whole array of substances I might have turned to in times of stress, Diet Coke is not so bad. Drink up, I say, and enjoy.

But try again to follow at least one rule tomorrow. Sometimes that’s just the best you can do.

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