Lake Mississippi: Father of Waters, Mother of Floods

Here are some pictures I took this afternoon of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. I’m not real happy with the pictures. It was too bright out there for perfect shots…at least from me. But you can still see how much water there is.


This is the river bridge from today.

Here’s a shot of the river bridge from a little over a year ago on a day when it was at a normal stage.


Here’s another from today.


If you look at the markers on the shot from last year — the ones that aren’t visible on the shots from today — you can get some idea of how much higher the water is.

It’s high enough that there are tree tops poking out of the water.


There is water in places where you wouldn’t normally see it.


And this marine supply place is probably having to use some of its own supplies.


This ain’t no Huck Finn party, but the barges are still getting through.


So is the debris.


And I imagine it takes some experienced river people to navigate through. The river appears to be lost in the middle of this big lake.



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