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iPad and Blackboard

Since I don’t actually have an iPad yet (emphasis on yet), I’m free to devote what I time I do have for it to pure speculation about the joys and trials it might bring to […]

Ebooks and Attitudes

rhetoric and composition This is an example of why it is not really necessary for my students to pay anything for books. We have them purchase books because that’s what we think they are supposed […]

Deadlines and Online Students

I think it is wrong to use a blog to complain about student behavior. Most anything else about the job of teaching is probably fair game for blog complaints, but not students. You know, if […]

Closer Every Day

The semester is winding down for me. I turn in my grades in just a couple of days. I have a couple more weeks of going to work after that during which time I will […]

The Monster at the End of the Week

I’m worn out. Perhaps I should start there. I’m exhausted. We’ve had a literary event every day this week at Jones, and I’ve basically coordinated the whole week. I think this is called going the […]

Playing with Pictures

Here’s a writing exercise I created tonight using some of the pictures I’ve been taking lately. I enjoyed playing around with it if nothing else. Note: This version doesn’t look as good as the one […]

The Cruelest Day

TS Eliot says “April is the cruelest month” in The Wasteland, but April really has nothing on the first day back to work after spring break in March. For a few days, you get to […]

Out on a Limb with a Nano Cam

The above video was filmed by one of my students for a class project. I’m sure I’ll post it on Teacherly Tech as well under some other context, but I want to talk here about […]

How to Make an E-Portfolio Using WordPress

I may not be finished with this, but I am finished for now.  I think WordPress is the best tool for creating e-portfolios, but it isn't the easiest.  Either that, or I've spent way too […]

Teaching Loads

Interesting conversation here: Found via: Due to a steady decline in state funding and steady increase in enrollment over the past few years, our teaching loads have grown to beyond believable.  Of course […]