February 22, 2024

Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why exactly. But this morning I posted on my Journally Facebook page that I would be posting writing prompts for teachers for the next couple of weeks…unless, of course, I decide to quit before that time.

Today’s prompt is “This year, I declare myself free to…”

Here’s my own response:

This year, I declare myself free to relax, to meet stress on my own terms. I’ve been taking on too much stress for too long. I’ve been saying yes to extra work when I should have said no. I’ve been too worried about…well, everything.

I’m ready to cut back now, to practice unrepentant dreaming in the classroom and out. I’m ready to take risks and to shake things up, but only in the context of doing what I think is right for the students.

I’m ready to be a pioneer of my own sense of hope for the future, but not a slave to everyone else’s expectations.

I’m ready to write more with my students and less for committees.

I’m ready to just strip life down to what matters. In the case of the classroom, I think that is simply doing what it takes to get through to people, student-by-student.

Nothing else.

Nothing else at all.

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