Clean Up the Air in Your House

Interesting. You need 6-8 healthy, waist high plants in your house per person to keep the air clean and healthy? I suppose those plants should all be currently alive. I’m going to have to get to work.

Also, you need to take your plants outside for a while every few months. I’m not sure what that does. Is this to purify the plants so they can keep purifying the indoor air?

Anyway, I found this video via Life Hacker. They have links recommending other types of plants for the same purpose.

Anybody priced a ficus tree lately. It sounds like I need a ficus forest in my house.

1 thought on “Clean Up the Air in Your House”

  • The two big trees on my front porch are ficus trees. I bought them for about $4 each at WalMart about 5 years ago. They are too big for the house. They are my friends. 🙂

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