May 23, 2024

Today’s photo: A drop of inspiration is all you need.

A drop of inspiration is all you need.

Today’s lesson: A drop of inspiration is all you need.

It seems the rain just keeps pouring down, and the days just keep getting nastier and more depressing. They say there is a chance of a snowflake or two later in the week, and I can’t even work up any interest in that. I love snow, but I miss sunshine. I do not feel inspired by constant rain. Fortunately, I know because I’ve preached it to myself and no doubt been preached to about it by others that you don’t need much inspiration to get up and do what you need to do. I only found a raindrop today, but that was enough.

Alice’s photo of the day: Alice wonders if she needs a new pair of boots.

Alice wonders if she needs a new pair of boots.

This is the actual parking lot Alice had to walk through today to get to her car.

Jack Cat’s photo of the day:

Jack Cat in High ISO SOOTC

I’m proud of this one because it represents a small attempt to try something I hadn’t tried before.

Here’s my conversation with myself about this shot.

Me: I should take a picture of Jack, but there’s no way I can get a shot of a black cat sitting on a black jacket in low light with no flash.

Myself: Push the ISO up.

Me: I can’t push it that high. The shot will be too noisy.

Myself: Didn’t you buy the fancypants camera for precisely the ability to take pictures in low light without a flash? Why did you spend the money for that camera if you aren’t even going to see what it will do?

Me: Oh, okay. Let’s give this a shot.

Here we have it. Black cat sitting on a black jacket in low light shot with ISO at 20,000. Straight out of the camera. Not even a sharpening tool has touched this.

This didn’t take a lot of effort. I never left my couch. It only took a minute of my time. It’s only an accomplishment because I talked myself into trying something I wasn’t sure would work. This is my new goal. Just try things with the camera.

I don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning new camera skills. Someone has to earn a living to support Jack and Alice. I don’t have to learn much on any one day to continue making progress, though. Each tiny little fragment of learning adds up just like each little calorie of Hershey’s Kisses adds up in Alice’s skinny jeans.

So don’t let the dismals get you down, and don’t be afraid to just try something even if you think nothing you can do will work.

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  1. As well as enjoying your Alice series, I liked this blog. I need to push my camera a bit too as I have not tried those high ISO’s. Thanks for leading the way and giving me, and others, a little push!

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