Category: Things my mixed-up life taught me

The paper cranes next door

Today’s photo: 13 Paper Cranes. Today’s lesson: 3 is also a prime number. My prompt today was “prime number.” Was my first thought 3? No, of course not. When I saw prime number, I thought […]

It’s all good

Today’s photo: Everything is beautiful in the right light. Today’s lesson: Everything is beautiful in the right light. I think this lesson is self-explanatory. What you see here is a dried up weed from my […]

Just roll with it

Today’s photo: An arrangement. Today’s lesson: Most good things come from just rolling with the weird or the unexpected. Arrangement was my photo prompt for today. I thought I wasn’t going to do it because […]

Beauty is in the process

Today’s photo: You make me live. The original version of today’s photo: Posted first with the title Alice Makes a Friend. Today’s lesson: Imperfections are an opportunity to play. I posted the original version of […]

Resistance is Futile

Today’s photo: The Temptation of Alice Today’s lesson: Sometimes your subject can be your background. I don’t have much to say today, but I do have at least one answer to my own question about […]

A little bit goes a long way

Today’s photo: A drop of inspiration is all you need. Today’s lesson: A drop of inspiration is all you need. It seems the rain just keeps pouring down, and the days just keep getting nastier […]

Some days you just have to free yourself

Today’s photo: A message from Alice — Bates was framed. Today’s lesson: If you can’t go outside, bring the outside to you. If you aren’t a Downton Abbey fan, you might not get this shot, […]

Standing at the corner of hope and regret

Today’s photo: Alice’s favorite buildings are past their prime. Note: I chose this photo as my photo-of-the-day because I was so pleased to have manipulated the depth of field enough so that Alice was in […]

Feeling artful has its price

Today’s photo: Alice appreciates an artful installation. Today’s Alice extras: Today’s lesson: The camera is not what makes the photo, but then again it is. If you get into photography at all, you’ll be barraged […]

Time Flies

Today’s photo: Alice reminds me that our boys will never be little boys again. Today’s lesson: Appreciate the good times while they are happening. Time flies. That is all.