May 23, 2024

Today’s photo: Everything is beautiful in the right light.

Everything is beautiful in the right light

Today’s lesson: Everything is beautiful in the right light.

I think this lesson is self-explanatory. What you see here is a dried up weed from my yard. It should have been pulled a long time ago, but I’m no one’s contender for lawn of the month. I prefer to let things go natural. One person’s weed is another person’s photo op.

Today’s Alice photo: Alice invites you to spend some time with Miss Welty.

Alice invites you to spend some time with Miss Welty.

The photo prop today was “literature,” and this is what I did for it.

It turns out Jack Cat had a lot more adventures today than Alice did. He is waging war against my idea that I have indoor-only cats, and I’m not doing very well in this war.

First, Jack got out this morning, and while I was trying to get him back in, Old Man Mowgli who has never even wanted to go outside before went out the door to see what was going on.

Jack Cat's Bad Influence on Old Man Mowgli

I though I was going to be chasing two cats around the yard, but Old Man Mowgli only took a few steps out the door, sniffed of some rosemary, yelled at Jack, and went back inside. I never did catch Jack. Eventually he ran back inside when he thought of something he wanted to do.

Later, he got out again. Patricia of Next Door gave me a leash so I could let him play outside without worrying about him running off. This worked out great until he pulled his collar off and disappeared under some scrubby bushes. He was only about five feet away from me, but I couldn’t get to him. He was having the time of his life.

Jack Cat goes out on a leash.

It was no accident that the collar came off. He worked pretty hard to make that happen.

His biggest adventure was meeting the dogs from next door.

Jack Cat meets the neighbor dog.

See how his tail went poof. He freaked out, but he didn’t try to run away. Jack Cat is a brave boy.

Alice wanted to go on more adventures today, but she was too tired after all of Jack Cat’s shenanigans. Maybe tomorrow.

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