July 15, 2024

Today’s photo: 13 Paper Cranes.

13 Paper Cranes

Today’s lesson: 3 is also a prime number.

My prompt today was “prime number.” Was my first thought 3? No, of course not. When I saw prime number, I thought 13. Was my first thought after 13 something simple like Cheerios or paperclips? Noooo. I saw prime number, and I thought 13 paper cranes. Not only did I think it, I dragged a step ladder into the yard and tied 13 actual paper cranes to a tree so that I could photograph them.

I am very disappointed in this photo. At first I didn’t know why I was so disappointed, but now I think I understand. I went to way too much effort for the result that I got. It’s an okay shot, but it’s not a great shot. It’s not a shot worth confirming to the neighbors that I really am the crazy lady next door.

I could have gotten just as nice a shot of 3 Cheerios. But then again, there’s at least some chance that more people will look at a shot of 13 paper cranes hanging in a tree and wonder what it means than would have stopped to wonder about 3 Cheerios in a bowl. Still, 3 is also a prime number. I could have gotten by with 3.

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. And sometimes you are the crazy lady next door no matter which way you turn.

Today’s Alice photos:

Take time to smell the centerpiece.

Take time to smell the centerpiece.

Alice is on the job.

Alice is on the job.

Alice has her own Facebook page. She would love a visit.

There’s no Jack Cat shot for today, but Simba the Lionheart did make an appearance in front of the camera.

What's for lunch?

Please remember that not every cat I photograph lives in my house. I might not remember that 3 is a prime number before I remember that 13 is a prime number, but I do only have 3 cats in my house. I’m not quite that crazy yet.

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