Try, Try, Try

Today’s photo: Alice accepts that friendship is risky.

Alice accepts that friendship is a risk.

Today’s extra photos:

Self-Portrait of an Introvert

Self-Portrait of an Introvert

The introvert tries again to pose for a selfie

The introvert tries again to pose for a selfie.

Today’s lesson: Whether you succeed or not, just keep trying.

My photo prompt for today was to take a photographic risk. I groaned when I saw this. I knew I needed to concentrate on work today and that I did not need to be side-tracked by spending half the day learning a new camera technique. I decided I would just skip the prompt.

When I came home from work, I took a shot of Alice. This wasn’t a photographic risk. The shot was easy. It was certainly a risk for Alice, though. She barely survived making friends with Jack the Cat. I’m not sure she’ll ever stand up straight again.

I was okay with my Alice shot for the day. I actually like this one. However, it bothered me that I had not really done the prompt. That’s when I started thinking about how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera and how I thought at one point I would do a series of self-portraits as a way of learning some portrait techniques, but I gave up because I didn’t like pictures of myself. A self-portrait then would be a photographic risk for me.

I got out my old camera because I didn’t know how to work the timer on the new camera. I fooled around with it for a bit and took a faceless self-portrait. I decided that was good enough, so I went ahead and posted it on Flickr as my photo for that prompt.

Then I did a few more things around the house and thought about how disappointed I was in myself for taking the easy way out. I picked up my new camera and figured out how the timer worked. I went for a pose that was halfway in between not trying at all to do a real selfie and actually trying to make it work. I don’t know whether my first, second, or third attempt is the most successful today, and it doesn’t much matter to me. What matters is that I learned something I didn’t know before by continuing to try.

That’s what I got out of my day. How about you?

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