Use the in-between times

Today’s photo: Alice’s attitude was a touch frosty toward going to work this morning.

Alice's attitude was a touch frosty toward going to work this morning

Today’s lesson: If you don’t have time to meet your goals, use the in-between times.

This was my first day back at work after the Christmas break. I feared it would be one of those days when I felt too overwhelmed to do much in the way of a photo-of-the-day, and I was right. I went to work all day and came home too tired to care what I did next. Luckily, I had already taken care of my photo during an in-between time. This was snapped as I was sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up enough to clear the frost from the windows.

And my alternate shot for the day was shot during one of my meetings.

Alice had to stretch her legs after a day of too many meetings.

Thus, my lesson for the day is that there is always time to do what you need to do or what you want to do. You may have to access that time in 30 second increments, but it is there. Like Willie Nelson’s song, “Always on my mind,” the secret to completing a 365 project for me is really just that the idea of taking a photograph is always on my mind when I need it to be.

For my camera buff friends, both of these shots were taken with a Canon 60D and a 40mm pancake lens. This is one of the cheapest lenses that Canon makes, but I expect it will be my go-to lens for most work days this year for the simple reason that it is very small and light, and it makes almost any camera small enough to fit in my purse. It also happens to be an excellent lens. It’s sharp and versatile. If you need to turn a dslr into a purse camera, I highly recommend it.

You bring your pancake, and I’ll bring my pancake, and I’ll meet you in the in-between time.

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