Meltdown Monday

Hit the pavement

(iPhone photo #46 in my 2012 365+1 project)

But it’s Wednesday, you say? Even worse!

I’ve had sort of a rocky week, which is why I have no resolution accomplishments to report today. I don’t have any other kind of accomplishments either. I went to work. I taught my classes. I sat in my office long enough to tend to maybe one or two critical issues. But then I left. I have a good excuse. I went to a funeral. I almost backed out on the funeral because I had so much to do, but it’s not like you can make up a funeral next week if you don’t show up today. You either go or you don’t. I went. I’m glad I did. I was a very lovely service for a very lovely person.

By this post is about my meltdown, and I might forget why I’m having one if I devote too much time to talking about a nice person.

You see, it all started Monday morning. Actually it started Sunday. What happened was I spent most of Sunday afternoon making out a test to give on Monday. I knew I was going to have to print it out (meaning all 50 copies of a 5 page test) on my own printer at home because we’re not allowed to print at the last minute at work, and I needed to give that test. Maybe I would have been better off if I’d started printing in the afternoon, but I wasn’t in any real hurry. I didn’t know I needed to be. I worked on the test for a bit. I did a few other things. I watched Downton Abbey. Wait? Downton Abbey was two hours long this week? I’m not even starting to print until 10?


Of course the printer didn’t work. I had to fiddle and faddle. I was up until midnight at which point it was no longer possible to sleep. I was too aggravated with myself.

So I got up Monday after having no sleep and attempted to teach my classes and attempted to post my stuff for my online classes and attempted to go get some exercise. The day classes were alright. There was a test. For the online classes, I posted the wrong stuff in the wrong place and generally made a mess. For the walk, I got caught in a cold rain and came home only to realize I sort of had a cold if the headache and the fever and the sniffles were anything to go by.

I don’t remember what I did after that. It probably involved attempting to sleep.

Tuesday, I got up to car trouble. The day sort of kept going like Monday.

Today, I did better, but I was only there for half the day, and I left feeling like I should have been having a bigger meltdown than I did on Monday.

I’m sort of having a Lucy week, only it’s not one of those clever, funny episodes. It’s like Lucy stumbled onto the set of The Biggest Loser, and things aren’t looking so well for her.

Such is life. Some days you’re the windshield. Some days you’re the bug. And sometimes your bug days go on a little longer than normal.

I would say that I plan to do a bunch of grading tonight to alleviate some of my stress, but that would be an outright lie. What I plan to do is take a hit of cough syrup and crawl in the bed in hopes of finally getting in Sunday night’s sleep. If that happens, maybe I’ll manage to finish Monday tomorrow.

Take care, everyone. If anyone actually bothers to read my blog these days, I do so apologize for choosing this year to make daily reports on my progress toward self-improvement. With me, progress is not so much the linear upward slope that you might hope. If I tried to graph it, I imagine it would look like a three-year-old’s depiction of a roller coaster.

That’s okay. I still live in hope that by tomorrow I’ll be off to a decent Monday.

I don’t know who the artist is for the chalk art above. It was in the parking lot at the church today. It made me smile.