Soar if you dare

Day 38:  Soar if you dare

(iPhone photo #38 in my 2012 365+1 project)

Perhaps I should say soar at your own peril. I keep trying to soar, but I more often just crash into stuff.

I have nothing but blisters to report today. Yesterday I walked four miles after walking six miles the day before. I noticed a blister on my foot last night. Today I tried to walk, but I only made it to three miles, and I hobbled home with a bad blister on my foot. Things don’t look great for resolutions tomorrow. My friend told me today that you can’t wear Walmart socks when you’re running toward a fancy dream. I think I’ll take that to heart. Next time you hear about me walking miles and miles before I rest, you’ll know I’ve got myself some new mall socks and possibly a Toy Story Band-Aid on my poor blistered foot.