Everything has a price

Day 33:  Tulip Trees in Bloom

(iPhone photo #33 in my 2012 365+1 project)

I spotted this tulip tree on my walk today. They are in full bloom now and quite beautiful.

I’m doing better this week with the walking — at least I will be doing better if I manage to keep it up for the next few days. It’s my current theory, though, that for every aspect of your life you work to improve, you are leaving another aspect of your life behind to crash and burn. This is how I feel right now. I can make if better over here if I let it all fall apart over there. This is probably why no one should make resolutions. You’re better off with a balanced life of moderate to mild failure in all directions than with grand success in a place or two and serious failure everywhere else.

This won’t stop me from forging ahead, of course. I’m as committed now as I ever will be.