The Best Trail

Day 37: The best trail is the one in front of you

(iPhone photo #37 in my 2012 365+1 project)

I always think it’s not worth doing if it’s not worth overdoing. When I decided I wanted to get in shape, I couldn’t just start exercising more. I had to have an extraordinary goal. For me, extraordinary is the idea that I could get myself into shape to hike the Appalachian Trail. And not just two or three miles to look at scenery and say I did it. I want to do a real hike that involves 20 miles or more per day for several days in a row. Or at least more than two miles a day.

I’ve discovered in my efforts to build up some small measure of endurance, though, that there are plenty of challenges right around me.

I wanted to walk a 22 mile stretch of the Longleaf Trace Rails to Trails park by walking from Hattiesburg to Sumrall and back. I’m a long way from that kind of trip, but I did do six miles yesterday. Today I walked only four miles (four miles more than I was walking in any given week two months ago), but I did seek out a place to walk that is safe and near my office and a little more interesting than going in circles on a short track.

Opportunities to make your own adventure are are all around. I should have learned this by now. My young nephews have been trying their best to teach me. I think they would be disappointed that I saw no signs of Big Foot on my walk today. We’ve been on the lookout for him for months, but he’s an elusive sort. They would be proud, though, that I set out to see what I could of the world from right where I found myself. The best trail is the one in front of you. There’s a lot to be said for this philosophy.