Making Paper Cranes #photography

I’m making paper cranes as a tribute to Japan. They are a symbol of hope associated with a Japanese legend that says anyone who makes 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish. This is my first crane that I made yesterday after any number of fail attempts. It’s somewhat pitiful, but it is done. […]

Candid Camera #photoday #project365

89 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Candid. It was a very rainy and very busy day. I didn’t venture out very far with the camera. This is about five steps from my desk. This is also the only way I was able to take a picture that wasn’t posed. She had no idea I […]

Meditation on the Death of the Ants

The ants make mounds of their dead after I have flooded them out with the water hose. I squat, hunched over, wondering at them. I am human here and no good substitute for benevolence, having chosen efficiency in my life over life itself. The murderer in me watches the wounded in them, thinking of my […]