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Moonshadow #photo #supermoon


Did it take long to find me?
I ask the faithful light.
Oh, did it take long to find me?
And are you going to stay the night?

Cat Stevens, “Moonshadow”

I’ve been wanting to photograph this water tank for some time. I intended to try to catch it at sunset with lots of colors behind it. Instead I caught it at “moonset” very early this morning. Lucky for me, it was the super moon setting beside the water tank.

As a side note, the moon shot and this sunrise shot were taken in the same location as part of the same shoot.

Day 79:  While the World is Waiting

I was in a parking lot behind a medical plaza. I only had to turn in one direction for the moon and the opposite direction for the sunrise. It’s amazing what difference a mere 180 turn can make in the color of a morning.

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While the World is Waiting #photoaday #project365

Day 79:  While the World is Waiting

79 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Hope (for Japan and others)

One thing I learned from Hurricane Katrina is that no matter how much destruction surrounds you, the sun keeps rising, and out of the rubble rises new life and new friendships. Our brightest hope through our worst disaster came in the form of people who came to our aid and who came to watch the new day rise with us.

My heart goes out to Japan and other places in the world that have recently suffered great devastation. I wait for the sunrise with you.

The caption on the photo is from “The World is Waiting on the Sunrise,” written by Eugene Lockhart and Earnest Seitz. It’s been recorded by everyone from Chet Atkins to The Beatles.

Here’s a rendition from the Les Paul and Mary Ford show that is pretty funny.

Also, in case you missed it earlier in the week, here’s another that I did for Japan.

Prayers for Japan

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